6 Importance Of Self-Improvement

6 Importance Of Self-Improvement


Self-improvement is a journey that leads to positive experiences. The idea is not to get frustrated and lose hope along the way. Instead, you take full responsibility for yourself and try to overcome the prejudices that affect you and this can be achieved through continuous self-improvement.

Therefore, whether you are 65 years old or 26 years old and you are just starting your career, remember that you will always need to evolve and there is no end to learning.

This is what gives meaning and pleasure to your life.


The importance of self-improvement


When we are young we focus on good academic performance, good grades, and exams. In school and at university, learning is oriented towards academic knowledge but what about the aspects of self-improvement and personal development that play an equal role in people’s lives?

The importance of self-improvement often goes unnoticed. Many times we hide what bothers us under the rug, refuse to deal with it, or just ignore it. The truth is that you cannot escape from yourself. The more you run away, the more you will sink into what is bothering you, because the time will come when all these psychological traumas of childhood, unresolved emotions, and negative beliefs will come to the surface and will overwhelm you.

So what could you do about it? Start by having more self-awareness, observing your thoughts, feelings, and reactions, and deciding to make self-improvement an integral part of your life. Learning never stops in life, and this needs to be applied to self-improvement.

The central idea is that you focus on your continuous personal development at every stage of your life in order to become the best version of yourself. Here are 6 tips to help you grow, regardless of your age:


1. Enhance your self-awareness

self improvement

You will probably notice that we spend a lot of time getting to know other people and solving their problems. If we spent so much time learning about ourselves, things would be very different.

The first step to self-improvement requires enhancing your self-awareness and getting to know yourself better. Ask yourself questions and face the harsh reality, no matter how harsh. Ask for example:

  • Do I like myself?
  • Do I have goals in my life?
  • How old would you feel if you did not know your age?
  • What achievements or aspects of your personality are you proud of?
  • What is success for you?
  • What is happiness for you?

Self-knowledge is a continuous journey, as life evolves you will face different experiences and challenges, which will make you better understand your personality, thoughts, and feelings. To stay on the path to self-improvement, it is important to never lose touch with yourself.

It is a good idea to keep a diary of your thoughts, concerns, successes, and failures. They are all lessons, through which you can evolve.


2. Cultivate your strengths

self improvement

Self-improvement allows you to recognize your personal potential and play with them. From relationships to careers, it is very important to know your strengths in every aspect of life.

This way you can better understand what you are looking for in life and what is likely to make you prosperous and successful. It helps you set goals in your life and achieve them. Ultimately, you can achieve what you want when you know what you really want.

By cultivating your potential, you are more likely to be successful and live a happy and productive life.


3. Overcome as many weaknesses as you can

As recognizing your strengths is an important aspect of self-improvement, it goes hand in hand with your weaknesses. Do not be ashamed of them, see them as a field for improvement. We all have strengths and flaws that shape our personalities. It is these flaws that make us human.

The goal of self-improvement should be to be able to see beyond these weaknesses that stop you from achieving your goals. Acknowledge your weaknesses, recognize where they come from, and decide to overcome them.

It is not easy but it is not impossible. In the journey of self-improvement, turn every weakness into strength.


4. Get out of the comfort zone

self improvement

The comfort zone. Can turn into a very dangerous situation. It certainly makes you feel good, but it also indicates stagnation and obstruction of development.

Choosing to improve yourself requires getting out of your comfort zone. This means that you will face your fears, try new things, take risks and set yourself challenges. There will be times when you will discover new aspects of your personality but there will also be times when you will fail.

Do not let these failures cost you. The fact that you have tried should motivate you not to remain idle and familiar because real life is out of your comfort zone.


5. Improve your mental health

The most important aspect of self-improvement is its positive effect on mental health. When you work with yourself, you get to know yourself better, which enables you to deal with your thoughts and feelings more effectively. You will begin to understand why you are experiencing specific emotions and learn how to deal with them over time.

A person without self-knowledge and without interest in his personal development has no control over his reactions which can lead to more stress and anxiety. Denial is never the answer.


6. Strengthen your determination


You need to make decisions at every step of your life and every decision has its consequences. In addition, the issue is not decision-making but self-confidence in the decisions you make.

The right decisions come from clarity, self-knowledge, and self-confidence which are direct results of self-improvement. When you know what you want to achieve and set goals, you are able to make better decisions.



There you go, those are your 6 tips to improve yourself. The most important part of self-improvement is It helps you to find purpose

When you decide to take the path of self-improvement and personal development, it gives purpose and meaning to your life. Why is this so important? Because it helps you stay focused on your life goals, it makes you feel alive and motivated. Improves your mental and physical well-being as you stay on track.

With a sense of purpose, you learn to accept all the challenges that arise in your path because you have your eyes open to what is really worthwhile, the great image

Cheers to your better life!!!

SELF ESTEEM:  What are Self Esteem and 6 ways to overcome Low Self Esteem?

SELF ESTEEM:  What are Self Esteem and 6 ways to overcome Low Self Esteem?




According to Wikipedia: “Self-esteem is an individual’s subjective evaluation of their own worth. Self-esteem encompasses beliefs about oneself”

In general, this means loving yourself, being confident in your abilities, and at the same time being respectful when limitations arise.

Self-esteem arises from the perception of one’s personal qualities because it is an individual’s way of thinking and feeling.

It is more or less dependent on a person’s point of view and perception and therefore affects the achievement of goals throughout life. How you see yourself matters a lot and determines whether you will achieve your goals or not.

If you see yourself as a loser who lacks confidence, then definitely that kind of self-perception will limit your achievements.

In short, self-esteem corresponds to the individual perception that a person acquires throughout his/her life. In turn, it consists of external factors, such as the views of the environment, and sometimes, without realizing it, people perceive it as their own and it forms an integral part of their beliefs.




Why self-esteem is important to us!

Self-esteem is an individual’s belief in their own abilities, importance, success, or value and our mental health and adaptability depend on it. As already mentioned, based on it we evaluate our past, present, and future experiences. Individuals with high self-esteem have an advantage over individuals with low self-esteem.

Normally, people with high self-esteem are success-oriented, looking for new experiences and challenges, and they are not afraid to set bigger goals. They are more successful and relaxed in communicating with others, approaching them with confidence and respect.

This by no means, means that individuals with high self-esteem think they are perfect, on the contrary, they are aware of their shortcomings, but they are willing to work on them. On the other hand, people with low self-esteem think that they are incompetent, that others are better, more beautiful, more successful, that they lack creativity, etc.

They like safe and already known situations in which they confirm their low self-esteem and do not like failures.

When it comes to children, they accept responsibility with high self-esteem, know how to control their behavior, make friends easily and are willing to cooperate, are curious, love new activities, are creative, persistent, and tolerate failures and criticism.

Children with low self-esteem are overly shy and avoid new situations, are aggressive, have difficulty with failures and give up easily, achieve less than their abilities in school, are prone to perfectionism, have difficulty making decisions or giving their opinions, underestimate and accepting praise, are jealous to other children.

In the next section, I will take you through the world of low self-esteem, its negative impact on people’s lives, and how to overcome it.

This is where most people get trapped, and if by any means you are in this zone, then this next section is especially for you… I will take you by the hand and walk you through this path, the road may seem familiar, but the end goal is to get you to  leave this path as soon as possible (ASAP!)



What is Low Self Esteem


Low self-esteem is defined as the difficulty a person has in feeling valuable deep within themselves, and therefore unworthy of being loved by others. People with low self-esteem often experience anxiety in intimacy and affective situations. This is due to the difficulty they experience when it comes to feeling safe and spontaneous in their interpersonal relationships.



Low self-esteem usually begins with external events. People are not born with low self-esteem. It starts with not satisfying your needs, getting negative feedback from others, or thinking that it is your fault because of a negative event in your life. Below are a few causes of low self-esteem identified.

  1. Negative opinions
  2. Poor mental self-image
  3. Verbal abuse
  4. Emotional instability
  5. Mistreatment
  6. Negative remarks



Low self-esteem affects all aspects of life. You can’t enjoy anything and you can’t be happy. If you value


Before I tell you the effects of low self-esteem and how to overcome low self-esteem, I feel like sharing this story with you.

There I was, sitting down, in this Economics class, the teacher asked a question in which ideas ran through my head, but I  kept quiet, my mouth was sealed as usual. I knew the answer to that question, but the silence was with me!

I  had always been an introvert and kept few to no friends while I was in school.

I was almost invisible, people hardly noticed my presence in the school, I was a shadow.

I knew answers to questions but never answered…

Why am I telling you all this….you will find out soon enough!

I never for once expressed myself in public… I always kept my opinions to myself.

I thought they never mattered anyways, I thought they were never reasonable to make them known to others.

This kind of living robbed me of confidence robbed me of self-worth and validation.

That’s exactly what low self-esteem does. It cripples a person’s self-belief. It shatters one’s confidence and steals away self-worth and sows self-doubt in the mind…


Below are some of the negative effects of low self-esteem.

  1. Lack of Self Confidence
  2. It leads to depression
  3. A life of failure
  4. Negativity
  5. Unproductivity.
  6. Unhappiness
  7. Self-doubt
  8. A feeling of unworthiness



Overcoming low self-esteem has always been difficult for most people, swimming in an ocean of negativity is a trap that leaves most people defeated and unable to reach their potential. I have carefully sorted out the following tips that you can easily follow to overcome Low Self Esteem as quickly as possible.


1. How you look at yourself

How to Improve Your Personal Development Skills: 15 Ways to Level Up

Feelings, as well as thoughts, come from an internal dialogue that does not necessarily reflect the facts. The conversation that goes on within your mind has a very great impact on you.

How do you see yourself?

What is the most prevailing thought you have about yourself?

Only you can answer those.

Change the narrative of thoughts you have about yourself. Switch from negative thinking to positive. Focus more on your amazing qualities and personalities such that the negative voice Is quieted.

A great deal of whether you have low or high self-esteem is connected to how you see yourself.


2. Cut away from negative people

low self esteem

Quit hanging around people that don’t appreciate you for the amazing person that you are. They don’t deserve you. It’s sad they don’t see the greatness that is inside of you. Don’t worry about them and don’t get frustrated trying to prove your worth to someone. You are great, awesome, and amazing, don’t let a person’s opinion pin your down.

Hang out with positive-minded people who appreciate and compliment you, and you will see that your self-confidence will be boosted.


3. Distinguish between opinion and fact.

It is often difficult to see what an opinion is and what a fact is. Our inner thoughts are often made up of opinions, and we even consider them to be facts. Don’t settle for any negative opinion someone might have of you, remember they are  just other people’s opinions and opinions can be wrong


4. Don’t compare yourself.

self esteem

 People who compare themselves with others always feel bad because they think everyone around them is better than them. Just know that you are unique and special in your own way. Focus on improving yourself and the comparison will fade.


5. Focus on your positive qualities.

Write good things about yourself. Make a list of your best qualities. Write something that contains good feelings about you and helps you evaluate yourself, your success, and how well you have achieved in life.

You can also check these tips for success here


6. Where do you want to improve?

Learn how to improve without focusing on your weaknesses. Remember, everyone has a weak spot and an area to improve in. Rather than wallowing in discouragement, identify the areas in which you need to improve and have them.




I appreciate you for reading through it.

I want to let you know that you are a winner and a champion.

Just smile already, I know that feels good!… now that beautiful smile looks good on you.

I honestly don’t know what made you look up these words in your search engine, maybe you are going through a tough time, not appreciated for what you do, you feel as though your opinions don’t matter, or maybe you are just trying to expand your knowledge base and a whole lot of possible reasons altogether.

Thank you for reading through…

Cheers to a more productive life!

How to Improve Your Personal Development Skills: 15 Ways to Level Up

How to Improve Your Personal Development Skills: 15 Ways to Level Up



Personal development is an important skill to have as it will improve your quality of life in many ways. It can help you grow as a person and become more successful. However, most people either don’t think about their personal development or don’t know where to start. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of 15 ways that you can level up your personal development skills and make the most out of your life.

 From becoming a better listener to learning how to forgive yourself, read on to see how you can improve your skills today!

Personal development skills are vital to our ability to improve ourselves. These skills include self-awareness, leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, creativity, etc. Learning how to develop these skills can be a difficult process because they are often neglected in school or work environments.

It is important that we understand the importance of developing personal development skills and learn new ways to do so. In order to better your life and grow as a person, it is crucial that you know what you are good at and capitalizes on your strengths. Here are 15 ways that you can start leveling up in those areas today.


1: Self-Awareness


How to Improve Your Personal Development Skills: 15 Ways to Level Up

Self-awareness can be defined as an individual’s ability to understand their own thoughts and feelings as well as their capacity for empathy and insight into the thoughts and feelings of others.

To be self-aware means to know oneself, one’s character traits and limitations, abilities, and needs, feelings, values, and goals. Self-awareness is important because it allows us to understand our own emotions better and how they affect others in our lives as well as how these emotions impact the decisions we make throughout each day.


2: Leadership

Being a leader requires more than just following orders; it also requires that you motivate those who follow you by setting an example for them with your own responsibility to the team or company. A leader must have the ability to build relationships based on trust with their followers and show them the value of their worth within the organization. Leaders should influence their followers through empathy rather than intimidation or coercion. This way individuals feel valued instead of feeling like they are being told what they need to do by someone who doesn’t care about them as much as they care about themselves.


3: Communication skill

One of the most important skills to develop is communication. Communication can be done in person, over the phone, or online.

Good communication skills are vital to improving your relationships with others. Communication is a crucial skill because it helps you express yourself and understand what others are trying to say. You need good communication skills for networking, working in teams, and interviewing for jobs.


4: Emotional intelligence:

How to Improve Your Personal Development Skills: 15 Ways to Level Up

Emotional intelligence is the capability to identify,  process, and manage your own emotions as well as to understand and manage the emotions of others. This is an important personal development skill because it can help you better connect with people. You are able to empathize with others and better understand how they feel.

It also allows you to develop healthy relationships with people. You will be in a better position for open communication because you know what it is like on the other side.

Lastly, emotional intelligence helps you regulate your own moods more effectively. Knowing what you are feeling and why gives you the power to change your mood when necessary which can be beneficial in any situation.


5: Be wary of what you’re good at

The first step to improving your personal development skills is recognizing and capitalizing on what you’re good at. It is a common misconception that we should all be good at everything. In reality, it is more beneficial to identify where we excel and focus our efforts there. Once we know what we are good at, it becomes easier for us to recognize our strengths in other areas as well, making them easier to improve as well.


6: Foster creativity in your life

One of the best ways to foster creativity is to engage in activities that promote it. Artists have a natural ability to be creative, but so do other people. For example, you can take up an art class or do some brainstorming. Additionally, another way to foster creativity is to keep your mind open. You don’t want to limit yourself by thinking that there are only one or two ways to solve a problem because it won’t help you grow as a person.

Creativity doesn’t happen overnight, but with enough practice and patience, you’ll start seeing results!

7: Take responsibility for your emotions:

A great personal development skill is learning to take responsibility for your emotions. It can be hard to blame other people and circumstances for the things that upset you, but this will help you grow and develop skills in other areas.

When something upsets you, it is important to take a few minutes to think about what exactly has happened and how you feel about the situation. Ask yourself why you are angry, sad, or frustrated. What is the reason behind these feelings? Is this something that normally upsets you? If so, then it might be a good idea to try and find ways to avoid getting into these situations.

If you are experiencing anger because of an event at work, for example, think about how the situation affects your mood on a regular basis. Maybe there is a way to avoid this specific event altogether if it happens regularly. Or maybe there are ways that you can de-escalate the situation so that things don’t get as heated. These are all different methods of taking responsibility for your emotions.

8: Creativity:

How to Improve Your Personal Development Skills: 15 Ways to Level Up

Creativity is a vital skill that many people neglect. Creativity can be used in many parts of your life and it is best to think of creativity as a muscle. The more you work it out, the more you will be able to use it when necessary. Come up with new ideas and approaches to old problems and make time for projects that are just for fun. This can help train your mind to think creatively even when faced with mundane tasks.


Here are some other ways to improve your personal development skills:

– Invest in yourself by reading books, attending seminars, and getting coaching.

– Be disciplined with your time and make a plan for the day.

– Set goals and take action towards them.

– Stay positive and have a growth mindset where you’re always improving yourself.

– Take care of your physical health by eating well, exercising, and sleeping enough.

– Learning new things about your industry: You need to know what’s happening in your field and how it is changing. This will keep you updated and knowledgeable about the latest trends in your industry.

– Learning new things about yourself: You also need to know more about who you are as a person so that you can grow as an individual and be able to lead others.



So, you want to better yourself? That’s awesome.  Personal development is an ongoing process and it takes a lot of work to make the most of your life. But it can also be rewarding in many ways. You might learn something new about yourself or change your perspective on things. It might lead you to meet a new friend or discover a hidden talent that you never knew existed within you. Whatever the case, personal development is worth it if it’s done right!

Learning how personal development skills can be difficult due to the fact that they are often neglected in school or work environment, but understanding the importance of these skills will help you grow as an individual and better your life

The most important thing is to be intentional about your development. You need to know what you want to change and why you want to change it.

Cheers to your personal development journey

6 Steps To Success in Life

6 Steps To Success in Life


When it comes to succeeding in life, numerous people will want to give you advice and tell you how to change your life. However, most of them don’t necessarily know what success means to you, so it’s very important that you focus on what success means to you, and don’t let someone else define success for you.

Whether you see success as being rich and influential, powerful, or feeling prosperous, there are some tips for a successful living I will share, that cuts across every human endeavor

These powerful life tips will help you take the first step towards achieving your goals, because they have been proven and tested, and all come from some of the most successful people of all times

So, hope you are ready to transform your life for the better!?-I guess yes!-get all you desire, and learn the secrets to success in life!? , if yes, then this article is for you. Wait, let me ask you this before you read on:


What is success to you?


Before you can work toward your success in life you need to understand what success is to you.

Most people tend to measure their success in life against someone else’s accomplishments or definition of success. That is not a valid yardstick for measuring ‘your success, as success is personal and entails different things to different people. Regardless of the personal differences of what success entails, having a clear goal in mind is always one of the first steps towards success, as there is no victory without a battle, there is no successful person without a goal or an accomplishment. Successful people are intentional about their goals: they work towards them every day.

With that cleared out of the air, these life tips are not drafted to tell you how to succeed in any particular area. They are tested and proven to be able to help anyone, including you, to succeed in all endeavors.


1. Think positively


6 Steps To Success in Life

One of the first steps to success is getting rid of negativity.

What we constantly think of, almost always have a way of expressing out

If you focus on negative thoughts, you are unlikely to have success or happiness in life. But if you are positive and motivated, you can almost do anything.

Consider for a moment. When anyone starts something entirely new and strange, like learning about a particular subject, it almost seems impossible at first to grasp it or totally understand it, but with determination and positivity, as time goes on, it suddenly becomes like a part of the person. This will not happen if all the person thinks of is “I can’t do it”. Your mind is really a magnet…it attracts things that are on the same frequency with it. Think positively, and you will experience positive results

“Your mind is a mighty thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will begin to change.” – Gautama Buddha


2. Be ever learning

As Colin Powell said, “There is no secret to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure” that defines us. But the minute you stop being ready to learn new things, that’s the instance you leave the path of success.

 Take a look at the most successful people on earth, one of the solid, most common things about them is the passion for learning.

Learning always puts you ahead in life. You cant want or desire success and despise learning, it is like shooting yourself in the leg. Discipline yourself to learn, dedicate quality time to reading. You can start with 1 hour daily, the idea is to develop the habit of reading and learning new things as well.


3. Don’t be afraid to aim at the stars!

There are numerous guides, materials that say that the only way to achieve your goals is to belittle them and make them small.

I don’t necessarily buy into that Ideology. People who win a 200m race are never trained with 200m!. They are trained with distances far greater than that.

 Never put your big dreams aside simply because you want to work towards something more realistic and achievable.

Aim at the stars and shoot at them. You will achieve what is tremendous and huge that way.


4. Focus on your passions.

6 Steps To Success in Life

There is no person who is more successful than a person who does what he loves and loves what he does!!

As Steve Jobs said, “Your work is going to take up a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe to be great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Adapting the belief that passion equals success is the best way to succeed. And chances are high that, what you love is already what you’re naturally good at!


5. Avoid being distracted

No matter how determined you are to be successful, there will always be side distractions. In fact, the more your determinations, the more distractions. It’s simple physics!.

“To every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction” (Newton’s third law of motion).

OK let me paraphrase that…

To every step you take to go forward, there is an equal, that tries to bring you back, you will realize that is when the cinemas will start premiering your favorite TV shows, that’s when Twitter will have the hottest and most interesting threads of all time.

Mind you, all these are not bad in themselves In fact, there are pleasurable. But on your journey to success, they are distractions that sneak in, eat your time, and take your attention from what really matters at the time.

Getting rid of excessive distractions and negative thoughts is very vital on your way to success.

Now, let’s get this straight I don’t mean you can never watch a series again. But what I  do mean is you have to be able to sacrifice some ‘pleasurable moments’ to focus and devote real time and attention to your goals.


6. Be afraid of failure!? No, never!

No matter how goal-oriented you are or can ever be, fear will always be a part of you. Fear of failure, fear of what people might say when you don’t meet your goals and targets.

However, it is important to note that failure does not always mean FAILURE. Those who really Fail are the ones who never try in the first place. Like I always like to say;  ‘failure is the pathway that leads to success.  You will never know success if you have not known failure

And if the fear of failure is really stopping you from living your dreams, I  recommend you consider this quote from Barack Obama:

“The real test is not whether you avoid this failure because you won’t. It’s about whether you let it harden or shame in action, or learn from it; that you choose to persevere.

Remember that great ideas die, from lack of execution!

As Obama aptly said, failure is inevitable. But choosing to give up or continue is up to you. And it just might make you stronger, wiser, or better in the meantime.

There you have it. Your 6 tips on how to be successful in life. I have done my part by providing you with what works… Will you do yours?. This leads me to this final bonus tip below



One of Walt Disney’s most famous quotes is “the best way to begin is to stop talking and start doing” as well as “all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”.

While this sounds a bit simple, just know that you’ll never succeed unless you’re willing to take the first step towards it.

If you really want to succeed in life, you can’t just talk about it. All the plans in the world are useless if you don’t take action and take the first step.

And I get it; there is always a reason not to take a risk. There will never be that perfect time. to start this journey. So stop waiting.

The key ingredient to success is to just do it.

Congratulations on reading this far, most people will not, and that’s why I have something special for you below :

The one who is ‘just aware’, will painfully have the same result as an ignorant person.

Stop reading ‘how – to succeed articles and Start now!…



We all want to succeed in every aspect of our lives. We want to expand our horizons and have more of what we desire. In this article, I will be showing you 14 Success tips you must know to succeed In Life.


1. Communicate effectively with others.

This has a lot to do with knowing how to communicate with the public. Knowing how to communicate effectively is a good skill for achieving anything.

The pathway to success will be quite difficult for you if you lack communication skills, there are things that relationships will bring to you faster than if you had gone off on your own. Wherever you want to be in life, there are others who have gone before you in that particular endeavor.

Your good communication and relational skills will be extremely helpful, when you meet such people, as they would be stepping stones to your success path.


2) Read.


Reading is actually one of the best ways to learn, grow and gain knowledge. Now the deal is in not ‘just reading anything’, but it’s in reading strategic and edifying materials that you are intentional towards and that promise to bring desired changes in your life that’s what strategic, intentional reading entails.

Not many people read. Reading does to the mind what exercise does to the body. A lot of people want to be ahead in life, not knowing that, “for you to be ahead, something must be in your head”

I understand that reading can be difficult, especially when you are just starting out. But reading a few pages daily can add up to make a huge difference. That’s how habits are built, and a reading habit is no exception – consistency over intensity!.

Warren Buffet reads an average of 6 hours daily that’s long right?

It should interest you to know that he didn’t start out with that kind of Intensive reading. The intensity was built through consistency. Dedicate at least, 1 hour daily to reading self-development books, and watch in wonder how your life takes on a new leaf towards success


3) Choose your friends wisely

Surround yourself with interesting people but, above all, with people who are optimistic, have the same passion as you, and are moving in the same direction as you. As hard as it may seem to you, there are some people who really drag us away from goals, hence success.

They have this lackadaisical attitude towards life, unserious and they just let life live them! You are different and that’s why you are here, reading this. Now, I am not saying you should just cut everyone away from you. All I am saying is surrounding yourself with people of like minds and the same passions as you will quickly lead you to your destination.

Just imagine being on a ship with someone who is determined to go North, while you are set to go South!. What a heck of a drama that will be and how much time that will be lost! in that hopelessness. So I feel the need to repeat myself… Choose your friends wisely!


4) Dedicate yourself to what you love and do well.

The key to being successful is to find what you are excited about and indulge in it. This will make you go through the downsides and the various vicissitudes that the path of success brings. Being passionate and excited about a particular thing is just want you to need to succeed in it, even when it’s against all odds


5) Practice getting out of your comfort zone.

Most people want to stay in their comfort zone.

You can’t expect magic to happen if you do the same things over and over again. You just have to move on and start doing new things. Fear of failure is the reason why people stay in their comfort zone. And there truly is no success without failure. Comfort zones are growth inhibitors.

You cant grow there. Being successful requires you to try different things or the same things in different ways! Take a step out of your comfort zone and behold the wildness of life, and new challenges and discover ways to tackle them…. that means Growth!


6 ) Consistency is the key to success.

In any endeavor of life, patience is essential if you are to stand out as different from the people around you, then you have to be consistent. Consistency is something not everyone has, as most people often give up on things that don’t work out as they expect at first. So stay consistent on your path, so long as you have clarity and a clear picture of what you want. Sooner than later you will see a breakthrough in your efforts.


7) Take care of your own health.

Exercise, eat and sleep well.

The better you manage your body, the better you will feel and the better results you will have in any area of life. Dedicate time to preparing healthy meals and exercising for at least 30 minutes a day.

Not having time to exercise or eat healthy food is unwise. If you have time to watch TV or watch Tik Tok, then you have time to take care of your body. Always remember that a healthy body equals a healthy mind, and a healthy mind equals a healthy life…


8) Do not be discouraged by failure.

Failure is inevitable in life. I do not know anyone who has not failed in any area of his life. The difference between successful people and others is how they cope with such failures. If you use your shortcomings as an opportunity to improve and resume your work with more confidence, you will be truly successful in what you do.


9) Do not stay idle.

The bed and sofa are the killers of time. The bed is for rest at night, but oversleeping is not healthy. Time is not a renewable resource, and therefore you would want to make the most use of it as possible. Instead of idling around, pick up a book and read or you can ponder on productive ideas.

In whatever you do, try to make judicious use of your time. Your success is a function of time, and so is almost everything else. Time reveals what we have done over a particular period. Don’t waste time I repeat, a ‘second’ loss, can’t be bought back.

Successful people know time as their most expensive commodity, they never waste their time on unproductive things. You literally give your life to whatever you give your time to never forget this.


10) Accept those things we cannot change.

There is a saying or prayer: Give me peace, Lord, to accept things I cannot change ”, calm to accept, but give me courage, courage, drive and the desire to change what I can change, and give me the wisdom needed to understand what I can and cannot do.

Don’t waste your time and energy on those things that don’t depend on you. Focus on those things that you truly need. For example, you can’t change your country’s economy but certainly, you can alter your personal economy positively, and you owe it to yourself if you fail or succeed!


11) Take time each day to encourage yourself.

We all need to remember why we spend so much time in that profession where we want to excel. Maybe you want to earn a lot of money, fame, or acceptance, … Whatever the reason, you need to remember why you are doing it and have a mental picture of the moment you are going to achieve your goal


12) Zeal.

This last tip is related to #4. If you choose to do something you love, you are sure to do it with enthusiasm and zeal. These attitudes will lead to success in your life


13) Focus on productivity  (very different from being busy).

Make it a practice to remove the word “I’m busy” from your vocabulary, instead say “I can’t do it because it’s not my priority.

Everyone has 24 hours a day. You are responsible for assigning the key functions.

When you wake up, commit to doing one activity that makes a difference in your life. It will be your main job. Set a priority every day and do it. By applying the 80/20 principle, you should know that 20% of needed inputs will change things positively by 80%.

Always find your 20% and don’t waste time on the 80% activities that only make a 20% difference!. That is me telling you to stop wasting time on things with minimal productivity. Being busy doesn’t equal being productive!


14) Add value

Successful people are valued, and they are duly rewarded for providing value to others in the form of solutions to people’s problems. Your success will depend on how much you can contribute to others.



We live in a world of cause and effect. And in this polarity of living, the effect always takes care of itself. In order words, take care of the cause and the effects will have no other choice than to follow.

Success is an effect, Poverty is also an effect, and lack is an effect. These things are like ‘report cards’ that try to point us to a ’cause’

Many people who want to be successful, lack this basic understanding, and they just shadowbox here and there.

Between the lines of what you just read lies the ’cause’ and you will only experience the ‘effect’ if you engage the ’cause’.

I would advise you to go through it again and really grasp it.  “Once have I spoken, twice have you heard”!