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Goal Setting Techniques; 4 Tips On How To Set Goals And Achieve Them

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Goal setting is the first step towards achieving any goal.

Goal setting is a kind of primary management stage, which provides for the definition of the main goal or set of goals and the nature of the tasks to be performed in order to achieve that goal.


Goal and Goal Setting; What is a goal?

They used to tell us when we were little…Have goals my child!

But no one has ever explained to us what a goal is, how to define it, how to approach it, how to conquer it…

And we continued our life dimly having some desires we wanted, living our daily lives trying to solve our problems, to correct our mistakes, and always be behind the facts…

A 20-year study conducted at an American university to set goals showed that:

Out of 100 people…

The 50 have no goals. they move like lost, they have no direction, they reconcile with what comes to them, they get used to and appropriate a life without ‘want’

The 30, have goals, but they are not their own. It belongs to the family, the father, the group, the religion, the party, etc.

The 10, have goals but are unrealistic for their data. The result is that as they chase after them they become frustrated because they cannot reach them easily.

Of the remaining 10, 7 have specific and achievable goals but only have them in mind.

The other 3, who wrote them down and checked them at all times are the most effective. They achieved 10 times more than everyone else together!

This is the power of written, concrete goals.


What is a goal?

A goal is what a person seeks to achieve, an object of an effort, the desired result, something that is desirable to achieve, but not necessarily achievable.

A goal could be said to be the mental representation of a desire, a wish, a need, an ambition accompanied by a commitment to make it a reality.  It is the organization of a desire in more specific steps and the effort to follow them successfully in order to reach the desired result.  So it is not enough to just set a goal but to commit and strive for it.


Importance of a goal

goal setting

The following tips will help you to deeply understand that achieving a goal has many more benefits than you can imagine, benefits that will help you become, ultimately, the best version of yourself.

 To live means to share.  If you follow your goals without giving up, you automatically become an example to be imitated by the people around you, you inspire them to fight for their own goals!

 By chasing your goals you become more courageous.  Courage is the “fuel” to achieve even more goals in your life.  By conquering a goal, you feel more courageous and set the next one with greater ease but also with confidence. The impossible does not exist.  The more you strive for your goals, the more you realize that boundaries and obstacles are there to be overcome and that, in the end, nothing is impossible.

 A goal determines who you are.  When you achieve a goal you strengthen your character.  And the stronger you feel, the more the opinion of others does not affect you and no one can tell you who you are.


How to Set goals and achieve them

 Goal setting is one of the most common habits of successful people.

Read the biographies of some of the most successful people in history and you will find that they had specific dreams, visions, or goals for what they wanted to achieve and achieved successfully.

I believe that when you set a goal, you have to do three things to achieve the result.

First, you must have a burning desire to get there.

Second, they must firmly believe that the goal is achievable and achievable.

Third, you must meet expectations, that is, you must wait to get the result.

While this may sound a bit philosophical, many elements in the scientific community support it.

The most well-documented example is the placebo effect.

Doctors have found that patients can cure themselves of the disease when they are prescribed strong drugs that are actually sugar pills.

The placebo effect has been extended to cancer research, and doctors are experimenting with treating patients in an effort to get rid of cancer naturally when patients envision themselves as healthy and cured.

Could the same psychological factors that cause the placebo effect to be applied to goal setting and thus help an individual or a business become more successful?

I believe that.


The following tips will guide you when setting your goals



1. Set plain, specific goals for what you want to achieve.

goal setting

There is no goal without a clear objective or picture of what you want to achieve.

This is the first step towards goal setting. Have an objective in mind, a specific place you need to be in the near future, and have that place at heart. Sit down and decide what you want to achieve, ask yourself what exactly you want. And when you find the answer go for it.


2. Set goals high

We create our own limits. Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves.

When setting a goal, remember: “A good goal should scare you a little and light you up.”

Think about your current tasks and try them with this rule. If your goals do not frighten you or worry you, try to think of something more demanding. Goals are meant to challenge us and stretch us. Moreover, it is something we have never experienced before! It should sure scare us.


3. Do not let defeat lure you.

self improvement

The journey towards achieving your goals will not be a smooth one, and I won’t sugarcoat it. It will be a journey of struggle, and frustration at some point. But don’t let fear hold you back. Remember it is always difficult to locate a place you have never been to before.

Always keep your desire high and focus on where you want to get to. Failure is proof of growth, failure is proof you are trying what you haven’t tried before.


3. Set priorities.

It is necessary to single out the main or many goals – the most important, lofty, and ambitious, which above all will positively affect your life (change your destiny as much as possible). Circle the main target (or multiple) with a pointer and arrange them according to the numbers – №1 Most important and further in descending order.


Last Notes

Desire – Faith – Expectation

Your goals must meet the criteria of Desire, Loyalty, and Expectation.

The goal must be something you desire strongly. The greater your desire, the stronger your desire to achieve the goal.

Napoleon Hill said: “If your desires are strong enough, you seem to have superhuman abilities.”

It depends on your belief system. As you achieve more in life, your self-confidence increases. It boosts your confidence and gives you the energy to achieve even greater results.

A more fulfilling a happy life to you!


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