6 Steps To Success in Life

6 Steps To Success in Life


When it comes to succeeding in life, numerous people will want to give you advice and tell you how to change your life. However, most of them don’t necessarily know what success means to you, so it’s very important that you focus on what success means to you, and don’t let someone else define success for you.

Whether you see success as being rich and influential, powerful, or feeling prosperous, there are some tips for a successful living I will share, that cuts across every human endeavor

These powerful life tips will help you take the first step towards achieving your goals, because they have been proven and tested, and all come from some of the most successful people of all times

So, hope you are ready to transform your life for the better!?-I guess yes!-get all you desire, and learn the secrets to success in life!? , if yes, then this article is for you. Wait, let me ask you this before you read on:


What is success to you?


Before you can work toward your success in life you need to understand what success is to you.

Most people tend to measure their success in life against someone else’s accomplishments or definition of success. That is not a valid yardstick for measuring ‘your success, as success is personal and entails different things to different people. Regardless of the personal differences of what success entails, having a clear goal in mind is always one of the first steps towards success, as there is no victory without a battle, there is no successful person without a goal or an accomplishment. Successful people are intentional about their goals: they work towards them every day.

With that cleared out of the air, these life tips are not drafted to tell you how to succeed in any particular area. They are tested and proven to be able to help anyone, including you, to succeed in all endeavors.


1. Think positively


6 Steps To Success in Life

One of the first steps to success is getting rid of negativity.

What we constantly think of, almost always have a way of expressing out

If you focus on negative thoughts, you are unlikely to have success or happiness in life. But if you are positive and motivated, you can almost do anything.

Consider for a moment. When anyone starts something entirely new and strange, like learning about a particular subject, it almost seems impossible at first to grasp it or totally understand it, but with determination and positivity, as time goes on, it suddenly becomes like a part of the person. This will not happen if all the person thinks of is “I can’t do it”. Your mind is really a magnet…it attracts things that are on the same frequency with it. Think positively, and you will experience positive results

“Your mind is a mighty thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will begin to change.” – Gautama Buddha


2. Be ever learning

As Colin Powell said, “There is no secret to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure” that defines us. But the minute you stop being ready to learn new things, that’s the instance you leave the path of success.

 Take a look at the most successful people on earth, one of the solid, most common things about them is the passion for learning.

Learning always puts you ahead in life. You cant want or desire success and despise learning, it is like shooting yourself in the leg. Discipline yourself to learn, dedicate quality time to reading. You can start with 1 hour daily, the idea is to develop the habit of reading and learning new things as well.


3. Don’t be afraid to aim at the stars!

There are numerous guides, materials that say that the only way to achieve your goals is to belittle them and make them small.

I don’t necessarily buy into that Ideology. People who win a 200m race are never trained with 200m!. They are trained with distances far greater than that.

 Never put your big dreams aside simply because you want to work towards something more realistic and achievable.

Aim at the stars and shoot at them. You will achieve what is tremendous and huge that way.


4. Focus on your passions.

6 Steps To Success in Life

There is no person who is more successful than a person who does what he loves and loves what he does!!

As Steve Jobs said, “Your work is going to take up a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe to be great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Adapting the belief that passion equals success is the best way to succeed. And chances are high that, what you love is already what you’re naturally good at!


5. Avoid being distracted

No matter how determined you are to be successful, there will always be side distractions. In fact, the more your determinations, the more distractions. It’s simple physics!.

“To every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction” (Newton’s third law of motion).

OK let me paraphrase that…

To every step you take to go forward, there is an equal, that tries to bring you back, you will realize that is when the cinemas will start premiering your favorite TV shows, that’s when Twitter will have the hottest and most interesting threads of all time.

Mind you, all these are not bad in themselves In fact, there are pleasurable. But on your journey to success, they are distractions that sneak in, eat your time, and take your attention from what really matters at the time.

Getting rid of excessive distractions and negative thoughts is very vital on your way to success.

Now, let’s get this straight I don’t mean you can never watch a series again. But what I  do mean is you have to be able to sacrifice some ‘pleasurable moments’ to focus and devote real time and attention to your goals.


6. Be afraid of failure!? No, never!

No matter how goal-oriented you are or can ever be, fear will always be a part of you. Fear of failure, fear of what people might say when you don’t meet your goals and targets.

However, it is important to note that failure does not always mean FAILURE. Those who really Fail are the ones who never try in the first place. Like I always like to say;  ‘failure is the pathway that leads to success.  You will never know success if you have not known failure

And if the fear of failure is really stopping you from living your dreams, I  recommend you consider this quote from Barack Obama:

“The real test is not whether you avoid this failure because you won’t. It’s about whether you let it harden or shame in action, or learn from it; that you choose to persevere.

Remember that great ideas die, from lack of execution!

As Obama aptly said, failure is inevitable. But choosing to give up or continue is up to you. And it just might make you stronger, wiser, or better in the meantime.

There you have it. Your 6 tips on how to be successful in life. I have done my part by providing you with what works… Will you do yours?. This leads me to this final bonus tip below



One of Walt Disney’s most famous quotes is “the best way to begin is to stop talking and start doing” as well as “all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”.

While this sounds a bit simple, just know that you’ll never succeed unless you’re willing to take the first step towards it.

If you really want to succeed in life, you can’t just talk about it. All the plans in the world are useless if you don’t take action and take the first step.

And I get it; there is always a reason not to take a risk. There will never be that perfect time. to start this journey. So stop waiting.

The key ingredient to success is to just do it.

Congratulations on reading this far, most people will not, and that’s why I have something special for you below :

The one who is ‘just aware’, will painfully have the same result as an ignorant person.

Stop reading ‘how – to succeed articles and Start now!…

8 Ways To Find and pursue your passion to succeed in life

8 Ways To Find and pursue your passion to succeed in life


From a very young age, you must have heard public speeches from people always telling you to find your passion and pursue it. But what does it mean? How do you find your passion and how do you actually chase them.

The simple answer is time and hard work, but most people don’t realize their role in developing a passion instead of waiting like most people for something to find you, it is important you find ways to cultivate your passion every day to build a rich and fulfilling experience and the avenue to pursue it.


Find your passion by considering what you would do if money wasn’t a factor

Think about the things you would do if given complete freedom, whether it is helping others with a cause dear to you or traveling around the world, whether it is becoming a musician or an artist. Remember the things you wanted to become while younger under financial protection from your parent before worries of life and making money got in the way. You would be surprised that many of those things are still doable.

Take feedback from loved ones if you are not sure of what you want to do in life, they may have opinions on your passive strengths. Do not place yourself under unnecessary pressure, it takes time for one to discover one’s passion.  Continue to think about it which would eventually lead to you uncovering your passion.


Study what it takes to reach your passion, and consider getting professional counsel

8 Ways To Find and pursue your passion to be successful in life


It is important to carry out the necessary research on your area of interest so as to know what it entails to reach, you may know where to go, but getting there is where the difficulty lies, you could carry out research online from dozens of articles on the internet, but the old fashion guidance counselor should not be underestimated in helping to clarifying your thoughts and pointing you in the right direction.

They can help you help navigate your unique resume and skills for success, you can find one on the internet if you do not know of any in your city. If you are really serious about a career change the more research you do the better.

It is also important to take part in seminars and classes, which could help you improve on your passion as well as meet other people with similar goals.


Look for success stories in your field

If you want to achieve success, it does not do any harm in looking into the lives and stories of other individuals who have achieved success doing the thing you are interested in, while you would not necessarily replicate their exact path, you could learn from the mistakes they make as well as their good habit and even replicate someone of their unique traits that drove them to success.   


Create connections with others on a similar path

The truth is if you stay alone it would take you months or even years to achieve some things which would have only taken weeks to achieve. There is strength in numbers, so if a door opens for one it is easier for that individual to the passcode to others enabling you to benefit and develop in areas with too much effort and time exhausted. It is important to keep in touch with people of similar interests, and also find online groups and forums that offer stories, advice, and contacts.


Take a realistic look at the ups and downs of pursuing your passion and plan to overcome them

Do not overlook any aspect of what pursuing that passion entails, it is important you recognize the difficulties, it will not be easy if it was most people would do it, facing the realities and still wanting to go ahead in doing this is proof you are truly passionate about your interest. It is important you know the financial realities of any passion you want to pursue, if you pursue music, you would have to sell dozens of records and have enough audience to organize paid concerts to make a decent living from the profession.

If for example, you are passionate about becoming a college professor, you should note it takes a lot of time schooling to become one, you must realize that very few passions are achieved instantly, most require expert education.

Most jobs are not as glamorous as they may appear on the outside, it is important you find out from those who already take into the career about how the day-to-day is, the part of the job they enjoy and the part they do not.


Know that the job you are passionate about might not be lucrative enough to live as you get started:

 This is a realistic scenario, but one you need to come to terms with in order to prepare for any hard times. Whether you’re changing careers or you are just starting out, chances are good that you won’t get the best paying job right out the gate. Use your research to determine good entry points, but have another source of income readily available.


Start freelancing to help sustain you financially before you get hired into a full-time job.

Your Passion

 Whether you’re new to the labor market or making a mid-career switch, everyone wants to see someone who is “experienced.” But, of course, you need that first job to get the experience required to get the first job! This trap will never stop being maddening, but the best you can do is take things into your own hands. Your abilities are more marketable than you think, and there are a good number of ways to “self-employ” yourself to build the experience necessary to move on.


Advertise yourself and your abilities.

Unfortunately, very rarely are people noticed out of nowhere and sickle out, and those that do are generally well-established already. You need to be your own biggest salesman, showing off your skills and expertise before anyone else will.

While how you market yourself depends on your actual passion and skills.



It is important to note that the journey of discovering and pursuing your passion would have a lot of stumbling blocks. You would meet people along the way who would discourage you but if you are truly passionate about what you do, you would keep focus until you achieve your ultimate goal.