Think big: A guide to achieving success.

Think big: A guide to achieving success.

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Think big: A guide to achieving success.

Thinking big is an important factor in achieving success, an individual cannot go beyond his own imagination so it is important for an individual to be able to create a mental picture that can be followed up while staying motivated to tackle your goals, a step at a time. So how can an individual think big? Find out in this article


I) Schedule time for critical thinking.

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When you want to consider new goals or projects, it is vital you take time to carry out critical thinking. Be it an hour or two or even more it is vital you give yourself thinking time. There are scenarios where one gets an idea and immediately believes they have it all sorted out, but spending time to critically analyze their thoughts would help your brain go places they won’t usually go.

It is also important that you give yourself thinking time in varying environments. For example, you could spend time thinking alone in your bedroom, and also while taking a stroll around your neighborhood, you could also spend time thinking in a nearby eatery, this would help your brain put into consideration elements that you would not do just one setting.


II) The impossible does not exist              

Most people feel the need to the practical and realistic when thinking, thereby limiting themselves to the “small” goals, thinking big requires you to project beyond your immediate reality and see yourself achieving big goals, for example, you are an aspiring footballer playing for a local football club aspiring to play in one of the major football leagues in the world or representing your national team.

You can do this by creating a vision board where you can write your goals and attach images in a location where you can see them daily to remind yourself.



III) Leave your comfort zone    

Think big: A guide to achieving success.  

If your thoughts involve only things you are already comfortable doing then you are not thinking big enough, you must consider areas in which you do not feel readily comfortable in putting to action. If your dream doesn’t scare you, you are not dreaming big enough.

for example, if you want to contest for an electoral position in any capacity and you are not already good at public speaking, you would have to think of ways to overcome your fears of public speaking instead of trying to bypass this if you want to achieve your goals.


Goal settings

I) Stay grounded in reality:

It is good to think big and imagine yourself achieving greatness but it is also vital that you also stay grounded so as not to be disappointed. You have to set goals that even though are big they remain achievable, for example, if you dream of building a technology company, you should not set a company like Facebook as the goal. Achieving that would be next to impossible and would lead to disappointment.


II) Break down goals into steps

When putting your dreams into practice, break them down into smaller steps to go after the next step. Make a list of everything that you need to do for that goal to become a reality. This helps you to see it as more achievable and less confusing.

For example, if you want to make a speech, starting small might just mean making a list of things you want to give a speech about.

Once you have your goal broken down into steps, rearrange them in the order you need to accomplish them.


III) Set deadlines for your goals

When you have established the big goals you want to establish, it is important to accomplish these goals.

This would make you accountable and make sure you give time to achieving your goals every day.

Making daily progress makes the work required less tasking and more manageable, but also keep in mind that deadlines could be adjusted so it is important to also be flexible.


IV) Be aware of your strength and weaknesses

It’s important to have enough self-awareness to know your strength and your weaknesses in order to know when you need assistance to carry out that project. It is also important in knowing the exact qualities you would need from the people you would be getting to achieve your goals.


How to stay motivated

i) Utilize the support of friends and family

In other to maintain the motivation you have to realize that you need the help and support of your friends and family. Having a support system doesn’t mean having people around you who would only applaud you, but also having people who can offer constructive criticism when necessary, people who can ensure you stick to the task at hand and meet your set deadlines is also vital, but it is important to note that relying purely on other people’s opinion can be limiting as well.


II) Celebrate small victories

Think Big

It is vital that you celebrate small victories even when you focus on the big picture, for example, if you aim to write a best selling book, you can celebrate after concluding your research, or after successfully concluding any chapter, you can celebrate in a non-expensive way like rewarding yourself with a box of chocolate or treating yourself out to dinner.

It is important to note that every step along the way matters as much as achieving your ultimate goal, so it is good to enjoy the journey all the way and keep a positive mindset.


III) Do not be scared of failure

Success mostly comes after multiple attempts; hardly does it come at the first trial, it is important to learn to know the need to learn from every experience throughout your journey to achieving your goal.

You must be conscious that failing is a reality that happens to everyone, so one should not be scared of failing as it is in failure that we grow.

Keep in mind that the road to success isn’t a straight line, they will always be challenges and setbacks.

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