HOW TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL AND RICH: 7 Key points to consider

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How to become successful and rich without having anything is a dilemma that every thinkable person thinks about at least once in their lifetime, trying to overcome the grips of social inequality and geographical disadvantages.

Most of us think that without a prestigious education, wealthy relatives, and useful connections, it is impossible to achieve prosperity.

However, monetary psychology says the opposite – any average person with a business instinct and determination can become successful and rich. It is enough to follow a certain scheme and sequence of actions in your activities.

How to become successful and rich without having to start with anything?- This right question became the starting point for those who earned their multi-million-dollar fortune from scratch.

 Having researched dozens of thematic books, webinars, and training on the psychology of money and wealth written by financial geniuses, I’ve compiled a concentrate of helpful tips for millionaires who have already changed my thinking, attitude, and life for the better every day.


Here are a few among them;


1. Make the decision for yourself to become successful and rich.

 Wealth starts with intention – that’s why it’s so important to make that decision yourself and start on the path to success and prosperity by becoming a successful and prosperous person from the Inside out. Be intentional about your life and know exactly what you want.


2. Make a plan and write down your goals.

So the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people’s life path is planned for many years. They know perfectly well what they will do in the next 1, 3, 5, or 10 years. Therefore, make such a plan for yourself, if not 10 years in advance, but 1-3 years – for sure. It expands the horizons of your vision and orders your life in a particular direction.


3. Look for an example to follow.

You should not go on the path of success and wealth alone without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel – so study the ratings of the rich and successful and choose an example to follow. Read articles and books about successful people, watch movies and TV shows, and look for a mentor.

Model successful people copy their habits and routines. If you model them long enough, sooner than later, you will be like them.


4. Think of yourself as a successful and rich person.


Once you have identified your ideal role model for yourself, explore their habits and the mindset of a successful person, and incorporate them into your daily life. You should not act in a position of sacrifice and despair, or hopelessness – you are the creator of your destiny and prosperity.

You attract what you constantly think of. Having thoughts of success has a way of influencing our bodies to take the necessary actions towards things that make for success and wealth.


5. Be sure to review your social circle –

Protect yourself from people who always complain and whine, and condemn everyone and themselves.

There should be no such people in close proximity. For some people, you just have to love from a distance – negativity is contagious and worth getting rid of.


6. Take care of your financial literacy

Most people never get to study money, and therefore continue to lose in the area of money. An average individual has close to zero knowledge about financial literacy and how money works. They don’t know money and therefore have no money!. Ask an average individual how money is made and 99.9% will respond that ‘you get a job’.

That’s a good answer, but not the best!. Financial literacy and the science of how money works are too fast for me to cover in this single point!… I might end up writing another article in this article! I will leave you to a video I stumbled upon on YouTube that made me understand how money really works, and how to build wealth from scratch- 

7. Your money should pay off – don’t save for rainy days.

Those who save for a rainy day will always get rainy days!! and will usually lose it. Analyze the investment market, choose a fast-paced project where you can invest, and if you invest properly, you will have a steady passive income at your disposal.

And the diamond rule is to be patient and never give up. Even the rich and famous started from scratch, and faced and overcame obstacles and many difficulties. Never expect quick instant success – wealth is work, long and laborious.


FINAL NOTES On How To Become Successful And Rich

The rich and the successful are not only different from the poor in terms of their level of wealth – their success is determined by their thinking about money. Having no money is just one form of  ‘poor’. Poverty is not really the absence of money, it’s the absence of ideas that can generate money.

Value your time and never miss an opportunity. Do something that will not only give you income but also time to relax and enjoy. It is this attitude – raising a beloved business as a source of income – that distinguishes the successful and the rich from the ordinary street person.

Cut out any unwanted tips. Take into account the opinion of the people you sincerely respect and be undisputed experts in your field. Don’t consider the advice of someone who has failed or who earns less than you, as wisdom is justified by her children!.

Develop your sociability and communication skills, capture ideas and take full responsibility for your life. Take active relaxation and take care of your health as a rule. Train yourself to manage a budget and get out of your comfort zone – it allows you to grow. Be sure to start doing things you haven’t done before, fight your fears – just write them down as a list.

Think about what you can do and what someone else can do. Constantly learning something new – allows you to develop internally and move towards prosperity and financial prosperity. Accept with enthusiasm and overcome all trials enthusiastically, develop generosity, not greed.!


I will see you at the top! Cheers

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